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App XplorApp


XplorApp is a tool to manage and
your files, you can browse through the folders and files
your device in an easy and intuitive way.
With XplorApp you sail with two independent windows,
through which you can perform different actions
about your files and folders such as copy, move,
Select, encrypt... and much more for what we are

XplorApp is a file manager that provides a
easy and intuitive interface so you can organize the
contents of your device.
Characteristics of XplorApp:

- Quick Tutorial.
- Friendly and intuitive interface.
- Browsing through the folders on your device, through two separate windows.
- Horizontal/Vertical-screen view mode.
- Multi-select of files and folders.
- Preview files in thumbnail (jpg, png...)
- Actions (copy, move, rename, encrypt, properties, delete, send)
- Viewing and reproduction of different file formats (jpg, png, mp3, mp4, 3gp, mov...).
- Send files by Bluetooth, Google Drive, Dropbox... so you can share your files with anyone you want.
- Encapsulation and encritacion of your files and folders the App CryptApp-compatible.
- Support in multiple languages Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese... With option in Exchange for language.

If you want you can contact us.
Any questions, suggestion, idea or problem you'd like to share with us you can send it to the following email

Features our App:
Our priority is the quality and simplicity.
We are looking for the balance between maximizing
performance and ease of use.
We pay much attention
your suggestions and requests, to
that you always have the best service.
Totally free
Use our App does not cost you anything.